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Washington Redskins’ Quarterback Robert Griffin III Responds to Adidas Ad on Twitter

February 19th, 2013 at 7:18 PM
By Zach Powell

You couldn't turn on the television around November of last year without seeing some kind of RG3 promotional.  Companies like Gatorade, Subway and Adidas looked to capitalize on the marketability of one of the NFL's hottest young stars.  A new ad from Adidas had the world buzzing.

While the ad stays away from any kind of obvious ACL puns, or going through rehab, the title of the commercial simply says "Blow Up," with an impressive set of exploding stadiums and fire consuming scoreboards.  Griffin begins the video by suggesting that everything from wins, losses and headlines of the past season should be blown up.

Griffin goes on to narrate the video, saying that starting Week 1 of the regular season would be the result of healing, hard work and dedication.  He doesn't plan on rushing the rehab process.  He finishes by saying he's all in for the beginning of the season and, "All that matters is what you do next."

While the whole world will certainly be following RG's rehab, Washington Redskins fans everywhere can take a deep breath upon hearing that the star player isn't going to rush rehab.  While he certainly has a long road ahead of him, we know he's up for the challenge, and it wouldn't be a shock to see him under center in Week One.

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