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The Season Ends on a Whimper and Fan Debate Rages About RG3

January 7th, 2013 at 9:54 AM
By Josh McCain

Yesterday the Redskins came out firing on all cylinders and it looked like it was going to be a route. Going up 14-0 early in the first quarter it seemed like nothing could go wrong for the Burgundy and Gold. However the first quarter would end and so would the Redskins season as they would fall 24-14 to the Seattle Seahawks.

Usually during Skins' games, good and bad, I keep tabs on Twitter just to see what fellow fans are saying, it makes me feel like I'm watching the game with 300 or so close friends, but I had to close it out yesterday because the fans were turning ugly.

When you're in the midst of a seven game win streak with barely anything going wrong things seem all rosy and sunshine. However, when things aren't going your way and a quarterback fumble that should go for a touchdown for the defense bounces to Marshawn Lynch for a twenty yard gain, things get chippy. 

It was clear after the first quarter Robert Griffin III was hurt, not only that it would have seemed the "moment" had gotten to him because he was making a lot of questionable decisions with the ball.

Some fans and media folks wanted RG3 out of the game, others wanted him to stay in. Me, I was torn. It wasn't so much his injury that concerned me it was his poor decision making. He was making dangerous throws (one of which got picked), he was taking stupid sacks and being very unsure with the ball in his hands, and lastly while still up 14-3 he had a wide open Pierre Garcon streaking down the sideline and never looked his way with an empty pocket.

For me, to pull Griffin was a "damned if  you do, damned if you don't" scenario for coach Mike Shanahan, that is unless the Skins would have won. Had he pulled Griffin sooner and the Skins lose then he would have been chastised for not letting his star player try and win the game for the team. And of course he left Griffin in there until injury forced the rookie out so he's being chastised for jepordizing the team's future.

First let me say this about leaving Griffin out there too long. This was the play-offs it is win or go home. If you lose there is no next week to worry about and you've got to lay it all out there. With that said I understand that there was a risk to permanent injury to RG3 but that risk was slim to none and has the same odds of happening if his knee was 100%. Secondly, in spite of all the talk about protecting players from themselves, I applaud Mike Shannahan for believing in his young quarterback when Griffin asked him to let him go out and win the game. Sure we lost but what that did was tell Robert that his coach trusts, and has full faith in him which I believe will serve RG3 well in the future in other pressure packed situations.

The only negative I take away from the game last night was the embarrassing condition of Fed Ex field last night. My back yard with two dogs who love to dig is in better condition and owner Daniel Snyder should be embarrassed by the state of his field. My hope is, since Snyder loves to schedule countless college games and concerts during the season, is that he'll install field turf in the off-season so we don't have such a choppy playing surface. Also the advantages of field turf is that speadsters like RG3 and Garcon will probably play better on that surface and for Alfred Morris he'll be able to make better cutback runs as well.

It's sad the season has come to an end but this team was a year a head of schedule, even the most optimistic fans were predicting 8-8 (though I was a little more optimistic with 9-7) and most talking heads said 6-10. We won the East with a 10-6 with two of our best defensive players on injured reserve for 14 games. Next season the offense will just get better, especially with a 100% RG3 and the defense should be a lot more stingy with Brian Orakpo back opposite Ryan Kerrigan.

I look forward to next season and can't wait to see what this team does this off-season to address some of their holes.


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