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Robert Griffin III Receives Some Undue Critisim for “Confident” Comment

November 28th, 2012 at 3:03 PM
By Josh McCain

Yesterday on NFL AM on the NFL Network rookie sensation Robert Griffin III was interviewed during one of the segments. When asked about the upcoming Monday night game against the first place division rival the New York Giants. Griffin said the team was "extremely confident". He used examples of the way the team played the Giants in New York New Jersey and how well the Redskins have played in back to back weeks against their other division foes, the Philadelphia Eagles and the hated Dallas Cowboys.

Other then allowing a couple of big plays late in Dallas, the Redskins' defense has looked some what like an NFL caliber defense in November and if they play that well on Monday and the offense continues to excel there really isn't a reason why the Redskins shouldn't be confident. 

However, and some of their commentators have been taken back by Griffin's comments. Where PFT didn't quite come out and say it, the tone of the article was clear, it suggested that Griffin was being a bit cocky. Where the article only hinted at it many Giant fans took to the boards and flat out said it.

Personally I might be a bit biased here but nothing what Griffin said comes off as cocky. He came off as a quarterback who has just played stellar in two games to divisional foes who usually stomp the Skins into the ground. Shoot as a fan I'm feeling really confident as well.

Griffin was keen not to guarantee a win, all he said was they were feeling confident. I've got no beef with that, just like I wouldn't have any beef with any Giant playing flashing his Super Bowl ring saying he was confident in Monday. In fact, if RG3 went on there and acted like a scarred pup or was all "golly gee shucks they're the champs" I wouldn't want him as my team's leader.

Maybe your average Giants' fan can't tell the difference between confidence and cockiness, but us Skins fan sure can, that's why we have all the luck with the ladies, am I right guys?

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