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A Big Win for the Redskins Could Spark Big Things to Come

November 20th, 2012 at 11:19 AM
By Josh McCain

'The Numbers Refer to the Amount of Offense Produced' photo (c) 2009, Ryan Stavely - license: 

Thankfully I was wrong about the Redskins with my last article in which I thought the Eagles might rally around rookie quarterback Nick Foles. My reason behind that theory was sound, the Redskins love to make first time starters look like Hall of Famers. However, this was not the case as the Redskins improved to 4-6 on the season and kicking the Eagles to the basement of the NFC East.

Foles looked very much like a young rookie quarterback who was drafted to simply be the team's career back-up and nothing more. Where he looked competent on quick screen plays, anytime he was required to hold the ball more then two seconds he looked bewildered and often threw the ball away when he had receivers opened in the the secondary.

As for the Redskins' own rookie quarterback, well Robert Griffin III continued to impress by have a perfect quarterback rating of 158.3%. In spite of playing a dreadful Philadelphia team the Redskins gave us a glimpse of what they could be when everything is running on all cylinders. 

This may sound a little too optimistic, but the Redskins could actually make a run of things with their remaining six games. Four of those six games come against NFC East opponents. We have the Cowboys on Thursday, then a Monday Nighter against the Giants, and close out the last two games of the season at Philly and at home against Dallas. All four of those games are very winnable. Then our other two games are home against the Ravens and at Cleveland. The Ravens aren't the powerhouse they once were and are beatable (though this is the one remaining game I'm most certain they'll lose) and well the Browns are the Browns and that should be a win.

My pre-season 9-7 prediction looked very shaky (and probably still does) two weeks ago may actually happen, just not the way I saw it play out.

Thursday game will be a real test for the Skins, the Cowboys squeaked one out against the Browns and have never lost to the Redskins on Thanksgiving so fate would seemingly be against us come Thursday, but I think Griffin's athletic ability will neutralize Dallas' pass rush and allow our receivers to get open. Dallas' offensive line has played very much like the Eagles and if we can pressure Tony Romo then the defense can definitely force him into some mistakes.

Thursday game will come down to our defense. If the secondary can force a few turnovers and not give up the big play then they can easily win this game, but outside of the Eagles game this past Sunday when has the Secondary not given up the big play.

I see this past week's win as a momentum builder and I think it carries through Thanksgiving. It will be a close one but the Skins pull it out 27-21 earning their first ever Thanksgiving win over the Cowboys.

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