American snowboarding legend Shaun White turned in a solid performance on his first run in the men’s halfpipe event, drawing a 93.25 from the judges. That was enough to qualify, so he went for it big-time in his second run.

And man, it was fun to watch.

White busted out a frontside 1080 out of the gate, with a perfect landing as well. After a few other tricks and high-difficulty grabs, he finished off the run with a bang — showcasing a frontside 1260.

That near-perfect run resulted in him garnering a 98.5 from the judges. Three of them gave him a 99, while the remaining three hit him with a 98.

We gave him a 100, for the record — what a showing. White will now have the benefit of going last in the final, which is set to take place on Tuesday night (U.S. time).

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