Jaguars All-Pro cornerback Jalen Ramsey isn’t currently married, so he elected to spoil someone else that he loves on Valentine’s Day.

Ramsey bought his mother a white Land Rover SUV, with a red bow on it, and caught her by complete surprise when he presented her with the gift. Margie Tidwell Ramsey was quite emotional upon seeing the SUV, which you can see in the video below.

“Happy Valentine’s Day, mom,” Ramsey said in the video. “Through all these years, 23 years, you’ve always been by my side. You’ve always done everything for me, along with dad, so it was only right to make one of your dreams come true. I hope you enjoy your dream car, you deserve it. You have plenty of space for all your grandkids that you have right now, and are about to have. I love you.”

Ramsey may be a trash talker on the field, but it appears that he has a heart of gold, judging by this thoughtful gift.

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