My name is Sean Kelly. I started a custom sports jersey company called Jersey Champs, and grew it to over 1.7 million followers and over 2 million dollars in sales in just two years.

Here are 4 methods I used to grow Jersey Champs from the ground up.

1 Instagram Ads Through The Facebook Ads Manager Platform

If you aren’t running Instagram Ads in 2018, you are simply behind. Facebook Ads provide extremely detailed targeting for any niche of your choosing and gets better as your website racks up more data.

2 Instagram Shoutouts

Almost every big instagram page sells “shoutouts” which allows you to advertise your product or service on their page. Simple direct message, email or kik the user and start the negotiation process from there.

3 Instagram Influencers

Influencers are key for social proof and brand credibility. Work your way up with small local influencers by sending them a direct message and eventually work your way up the likes of celebrities. You will have to pay if your product is not good enough as they will likely not want to spam their followers without some sort of compensation. For Jersey Champs we never spent a single dollar on influencers because our product was so unique.

4 Celebrities

Eventually once you go through all the big influencers you will work your way up to celebrities. We managed to get jerseys out to Dez Bryant, Brandon Ingram, Russel Westbrook, Javale McGee, Clint Capela Jarvis Landry & many more athletes. These provide immense social proof and a heavy amount of followers and traffic for your business. Most celebrities will not respond on Instagram so you will have to email or call their managers directly.