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Will the Toronto Raptors Make a Move Before Today’s Trade Deadline?

February 20th, 2014 at 2:13 PM
By Andrew McIntyre

With there only being one hour left before the NBA's trade deadline, the Toronto Raptors have yet to make a move. The Raptors are currently third in the Eastern Conference with a 29-25 record and are seven games up on a playoff spot. They have a good group of players, but nothing strong enough to take it to the next level. So it begs the question – will the Toronto Raptors make a move before today's trade deadline?

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It seems unlikely that Raptors General Manager will do anything drastic to change this team. Despite rumours of Kyle Lowry being traded, it seems as if he will remain with the team the rest of the season. The only thing that we can see happening is Ujiri bringing in a third point guard, a perimeter scorer or another big man. Those are the areas that the Raptors need to address moving forward and those are the only types of players we see the Raptors making a move for.

Ujiri won't blow up the team and he may even be content with the way things are now. The Raptors are not a contender to win the championship this season so maybe he will just let this team ride it out and give them some playoff experience. Most of the players on this team have never even sniffed the playoffs and gaining valuable experience will be beneficial moving forward. 

The Raptors have a few expiring contracts at the end of the year and some cap space to work with. They also have a few draft picks in which they could use or trade. With the way things are now and the players that are currently available, we don't think Ujiri will make a big move.

Today's trade deadline is at 3 pm. ET. All deals must be made prior to that deadline or they cannot be completed.

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