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Terrence Ross given hero’s welcome during return to Toronto

Ross made his first return back to the city that drafted him. Fans loved it, pundits loved it, but most importantly Terrence Ross relished in the moment.

Master P thinks the Pelicans should hire him

Hip-hop artist Master P attempted to make it in the NBA as a player back when he was one of the most recognizable figures in the music industry in the late 1990s.Unfortunately for Percy Miller (aka Mas

Raptors have 50 wins in sights again

Toronto needs five wins in last eight regular-season games to reach 50 for second straight year.

The Raptors should re-sign and keep Kyle Lowry this off-season

Though some of Sportsnet's arguments make sense, I think the Toronto Raptors would be a better team if they re-signed and kept Kyle Lowry this offseason.

From Woodstock to Wellness

How the April emotional state of being a Raptors fan in the Lowry-DeMar era has gone from Woodstock, to midlife crisis, to generally well adjusted(?).

Charlotte Hornets at Toronto Raptors: Wednesday game preview

Kemba Walker has averaged 32 points in three games against Toronto this season.

NBA Referee Hotline Bling: Serge Ibaka can’t connect

This year, the NBA has a new hotline for players to call and speak their mind about NBA referees. They can protest ejections, clarify official rules, and ask Ken Mauer for hair care tips.

Raptors Coaching Staff Deserves A Lot Of Credit For Recent Stretch

If you're on team "fire Dwayne Casey", this probably isn't the article for you, but perhaps it will help change your mind. With the exception of the great Gregg Popovich, their is fair criticism to be made of most head coaches in the NBA.

Talking Raptors Podcast – S4 E14 – Welcome Back

After a brief hiatus your boys are back with a brand new episode. Will Kyle Lowry also be back soon?

Raptors 131 – Magic 112: Fill it up

The Raptors and Magic played a defense-free match last night. Happily for Toronto fans, our shooting was better than theirs.