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Official William Nylander appreciation post

This is mandatory reading for all PPP members.

Offseason Changes to Leafs Offense

The Toronto Maple Leafs offense was great this year, but is there any room for improvement or even room for any players from the Toronto Marlies?

The Other Side of the Trade Down

Why do teams trade up?

Maple Leafs prospect Jesper Lindgren signs with Finnish team HPK

The deal takes Lindgren right up to the date the Leafs' rights expire.

Maple Leafs Draft Target: Finnish Defenceman Juuso Valimaki

He's 6'2 and scored like crazy this season. Could he help the Leafs on the back end?

From the Branches: William Nylander though

He's pretty cool.

PPP After Dark: Ottawa Senators vs. Pittsburgh Penguins in the Conference Final to end all Conference Finals

It's the one time of the year it's OK to cheer for Crosby to win.

Leafs’ Mitch Marner had one eye on future with trip to worlds

Twenty-year-old wants to prepare himself for playing deep into the spring in the coming years.

WATCH: Marner: Sucks coming 2nd, but great experience at Worlds

Maple Leafs forward Mitch Marner on the Starting Lineup to discuss his great experience at the World Championships, and look forward to a full offseason of training to ready himself for his sophomore N

Why I’m a fan of junior hockey

This is probably the only good thing Eugene Melnyk has done hockey wise.


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