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Tennessee Titans Starting to Get on the Right Path, Sit at 3-4 Overall

October 24th, 2012 at 2:57 PM
By Ethan Rees

It's taken seven weeks and four blowouts losses to get to this point in the season, but the Tennessee Titans have quickly been sealing up the holes in their leaking ship.  After another last minute victory, this time over the Buffalo Bills on Sunday by a core of 35-34, the Titans have improved to 3-4 on the year.  

Even better news for them is that they have a match-up against the division rival Indianapolis Colts (3-3) this week to pull their record even on the season, and to move ahead of the Colts for second place in the AFC South.

First things first, Chris Johnson and the offensive line have appeared to get a new wind behind their sails, finally winning the important battles on the line of scrimmage.  Johnson ran for a season-high 195 yards on 18 carries with his first two touchdowns of the season.  On both the 83-yard run and the 16-yard run in the first quarter, Johnson was given enormous running room as the offensive linemen stuck to their blocks throughout the entire play.

Whether they had an easier match-up against the Bill's defensive line, the coaches changed the blocking strategies, or the Titans linemen decided to start playing harder, the run blocking looked completely different than they have all season.

Aside from the linemen, Johnson looked like he was finally running with a purpose, going north-to-south with speed and vision, rather than dancing around from sideline-to-sideline.

Keeping up with the pride in their style play will determine if the Titans can keep up this kind of football.  They have come out the past two weeks looking revitalized, focusing on winning the game, and it appears as though they are capable of turning around their weak start.

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