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Best of Raw Charge, 2016-17 season, Part 2

August 8th, 2017 at 10:53 AM
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I asked my staff to give me their own favorite stories from last season, and explain why they wrote what they did, and how it helped illustrate breakthroughs their work might have given them about the game.

Part 1 is over here.

Bethelhub â?? Lightning organist Srebrakowski brings Amalie’s keys to life

Embarking on this project was, personally, one of the greatest experiences I have had to date. [Granted, you're still in your early 20s. - Acha] When Acha came to me with the idea I was unsure how it would play out. She initially got me in contact with Krystof and we were able to find a game that suited our interview time.

Krystof was a joy to work with and was readily available to answer any and all questions on his life and work. He was kind, informative, and most of all really cared about his music. Whether he was playing his own compositions or his expertly arranged adaptions on top 40 hits, he played with great care. It was nice to see someone well into their career still enjoying the day-to-day grind.

I also had the pleasure of speaking with arena DJ Sean Bovelsky and VP of Arena Entertainment, John Franzone. Getting insight into the three men’s chemistry and how they work together to produce a night at Amalie Arena was fantastic. What they do nightly is quite the feat. They are some of the unsung heroes of the sports world.

It was truly incredible getting a look into the inner workings of the arena’s sights and sounds. Never have I done something that so well bridged the gap between music and sports. It was a pleasure to shed light on the arts within the sports community and hope to follow such stories well into the future.

Acha adds: It is a rare thing to have a writer on staff who is also getting a degree in music. Bethelhub pitches in with necessary writing like previews and recaps, but he also writes about the music of the game from the perspective of a hockey fan AND musician. He wrote an interesting article about Nashville and its musical history that ran just after their Cup run. But I also truly appreciate the day he pitched in with a piece about the Bolts’ new jersey when it was revealed at the NHL Awards. And there will be more music writing soon, oh yes.

Brandon â?? CrunchCast 24: Reminiscing & Looking Forward

Allovimo/Alex says: One of the great things I got to do this past season was start a Syracuse Crunch podcast with Brandon. Being able to talk Crunch hockey with him over the season was certainly a highlight for me, even when the topics of conversation were difficult. This was never more true than during our last podcast of the season, recorded just the day after the Crunch had come up two wins short of a championship.

I had traveled and was still in Grand Rapids when Brandon suggested we just go ahead and record. I was hesitant because I was very emotional and not in the best frame of mind, but we went for it anyway. We knew that our honesty and heartfelt reactions to events surrounding the team were what made our particular podcast special. Honestly, our immediate reactions as we both struggled to come to terms with everything really made that episode, and in the end I was glad he offered to record that day.

Throughout the podcast, Brandon did a marvelous job handling my/our emotions. He kept the episode on track with thoughtful conversation topics and questions. He also was generous with giving me time and space when I needed it (see the 42:48 mark of that episode, where dead-air stretches on for what felt like the longest 10 seconds ever as I tried desperately not to cry). I deeply appreciated both his planning for that episode and the friendship and kindness he showed while we recorded it.

Acha adds: That podcast broke my heart, okay. But to add my own thoughts about Brandon’s work, he stalwartly covered the team this season as our credentialed Syracuse Crunch reporter, sometimes despite his own schedule as a student, and never failed to dig deep into the dressing room to get answers after games. I enjoyed his exultant piece about the Crunch competing in the Calder Cup final. I enjoyed his preview before round two. And … this piece was some of the toughest writing for any fan to do, but Brandon did it. (Trigger warning, Crunch fans.) Last season was epic; I hope next season is just as epic.

BoltsGuy04 â?? La NHL Debe Expandir a 32 y no más / The NHL Should Expand to 32 and No Further

Acha says: One of the cooler things we …

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