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Video: Victor Hedman’s pregame ritual — sticks, skates, and salt

June 1st, 2017 at 11:38 AM
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A couple of weeks ago, Tampa Bay Lightning defenseman Victor Hedman helped Sweden earn a gold medal at the IIHF World Championships.

Prior to the quarterfinal match against Switzerland, Jimmy Wixtröm of the Swedish newspaper-tabloid Aftonbladet followed Victor Hedman around as he went through his pregame ritual. Along the way, Hedman revealed how many sticks he uses in a season, his preference for hard skates, how he avoids cramps, his memory of playing with Peter Forsberg, and the most difficult player to face in the NHL.

The video is in Swedish and can be found on Transcription and translation were performed by three very helpful redditors. Many thanks to /u/Hedmaniac for doing the majority of the transcript and translation, Jim (/u/elgrandeslimbo) for editing, and Leffe (/u/needyspace) for providing the fun conversation at the end between Hedman and Gabriel Landeskog.

This video required a lot of effort from the translators. If you use this translation in any context, please credit them for their work.

Hedman walking into arena facility, heading toward the locker room.

Wixtröm: Two hours left until the game. What’s going through your mind right now?

Hedman: Just focused on being better than we were yesterday. Especially myself, I have to get it together. Get inside and get ready, have some meetings, and then just go.

Sticks and Skates

Cut to Hedman in front of his locker stall with his equipment – sticks, skates, etc.

Wixtröm: How many sticks do you go through?

Hedman: Too many, I think. In a season, about 100. It gets expensive but the equipment is an important part. Just like you with your camera, you need good gear.

Wixtröm: How often do you change skates?

Hedman: Every tenth game. I like it when skates are hard. If they …

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