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Tampa Bay Buccaneers Acquire Guard Rishaw Johnson in Trade with Kansas City Chiefs

August 21st, 2014 at 5:26 PM
By Michael Compton

In an attempt to add depth to the offensive line, The Tampa Bay Buccaneers acquired guard Rishaw Johnson from the Kansas City Chiefs on Thursday in exchange for safety Kelcie McCray

Johnson, 6’3” and 313 pounds, signed with Seattle as a college free agent in 2012. He spent 13 weeks on the Seahawks’ practice squad before being elevated to the roster for the final four weeks of that season. He joined the Chiefs’ practice squad in 2013 after he was waived by the Seahawks.

“As an offensive guard for us. He’s played a little bit of center also, so it gives us a little flexibility there. Just a big athlete – young, looked pretty good on video," said Lovie Smith of Johnson. "Don’t know a lot about him right now, but everything has checked out. Again, whenever you get a chance to add a big, young athlete, you have to be pretty excited about that. He has good video. It’s not like he’s some guy we’re trying to search for. Being on an active roster for a period of time with Seattle and Kansas City, we know those guys. And, of course, he’s a good player. Kansas City also got a good football player in Kelcie McCray. We like our safety position. We had a few guys there. So we feel like we got a good football player and they got a good football player also.”

Johnson played in three games for the Chiefs last year, with one start, while McCray played in 11 games for the Bucs last season. Smith indicated that Johnson was due to arrive in Tampa Thursday night.

“Going to bring him in, he should land sometime tonight,” Smith said. “Again, we’re excited about letting him be a part of our ball club.”

Also on Thursday, the Bucs signed guard R.J Mattes and waived defensive end James Ruffin.

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