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Lovie Smith Asks for Patience Following Loss to Jacksonville Jaguars in First Presason Game

August 10th, 2014 at 4:09 PM
By Michael Compton

After watching video of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars on Friday, head coach Lovie Smith asked for patience in his first press conference since the game.

"You guys (in the media) don't lead the charge to start overreacting," Smith said Saturday. "Just like when you come out to practice, the first preseason game, don't start printing up the Super Bowl tickets or cutting everybody on the team. Let things play out a little bit. That's what preseason games are for."

The first-string offensive line was the biggest disappointment of the first preseason game. Despite the dismal effort and sloppy mistakes, Smith acknowledged that right tackle Demar Dotson and center Evan Dietrich-Smith played well.

"Demar Dotson played well," Smith said. "I mean he had the penalty that really hurt us. Most of those aren't normally called. He's been that way throughout. He's not the only one. Evan (Dietrich-Smith) played well. We didn't play as well at the guard position as we needed to, but we needed to see them in that role.

"It comes down to a one-on-one game, period. So we didn't handle those situations. It's not like you want to double (team) their best players. You want to put guys on an island to see how we could perform one-on-one. And we got beat a few times, especially inside at the guard position. But we got beat on the outside, too, (against) some of our better players. That will just kind of get their attention a little more."

Because of the pressure up front, starting quarterback McCown was on the run much of the time he was under center. On a hurried throw early in the first quarter McCown tossed an interception that was returned for a touchdown. The veteran flashed mobility, however, repeatedly scrambling out of the pocket.

"It was tough, but we got a chance to evaluate Josh under tough circumstances," Smith said of McCown, who was signed during the offseason to replace Mike Glennon as the starter. "That's why he's a mobile quarterback sometimes. Sometimes, you have to move around a little bit. Josh will learn. He took a hit as he scrambled one time. You can't take that hit. But we'll have better protection for him, and he'll be able to have more success.

"Any time you throw a pick, it's bad. There's a lot of people involved. We looked at the route. Was the split right? Was the receiver where he needed to be? Of course, there was pressure. That's part of it also. All of that comes into play."

The Bucs returned to training camp today for the team's first practice since Friday's game.

"You have to keep in mind what the goal of the preseason is: to get ready for the Carolina Panthers (in the season opener)," Smith said. "With that, we wanted to put our guys in position to … let them play. We didn't have an extensive game plan or anything like that.

"With that said, though, there's some things that we liked from this first preseason game. Some of the players we thought would play a certain way did that. And some of the players we felt would play a little bit better didn't play as well as we would've liked. So that's kind of where we are right now."

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