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Readers of Rams 101 can expect the latest news, game reviews, and editorials. Readers can also comment on the articles written by our writers and interact with other Rams fans. For fans all over the world, Rams 101 is the key to all of your St. Louis Rams football coverage.

About the Authors
Chuck Chapman
Chuck Chapman
Editor Chuck Chapman is the web writer for a St. Louis based non-profit. He’s been writing for Sports Media 101 for three years now, serving as editor of Bengals 101 and Colts 101. Now a full-time resident of St. Louis, Chuck has turned his attention to covering the Rams and their return to glory as “The Greatest Show on Turf.”
Betsy Lancaster
Writer Betsy Lancaster is a senior supply chain analyst for a St. Louis-based consumer products company, and is a first-time writer for Sports Media 101. Originally from New York, she became hooked on the Rams after her 2010 training camp experience and will proudly wear blue and gold to family functions.  Betsy's focus for Rams 101 is on covering the Rams community events, unique fan offerings and whatever she thinks other fans will find interesting.
Brent Lancaster
 Writer Brent  is the principal support engineer for a St. Louis-based software development company, and is a first-time writer for Sports Media 101. A St. Louis transplant by way of Alabama, Georgia and Ohio, he became a fan of the Rams circa 2009 and never looked back.  Brent's focus for Rams 101 is game/player analysis and fan engagement.