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VEB 2017 Projection Results: Trevor Rosenthal

Here are Trevor Rosenthal's projections

St. Louis Cardinals: Birds Have a Conditioning Problem

The St. Louis Cardinals experienced three injuries during Saturday's game which could indicate a problem with conditioning-- this should change.

St. Louis Cardinals: Opening Day Roster Finalized

Heading into the final week of Spring Training, the St. Louis Cardinals appear to have finalized their 25-man roster for Opening Day.

St. Louis Cardinals Set Tentative Opening Day Roster

The St. Louis Cardinals still have a week left before they open up the regular season against the Chicago Cubs, but they set a 25-man roster Saturday.

St. Louis Cardinals: The Hypocrisy of Matt Adams in Left

Management and the front office lied to St. Louis Cardinals fans by promising run prevention.

St. Louis Cardinals: There’s Nothing Wrong With Subdued Emotion In Baseball

A common criticism of St. Louis Cardinals manager Mike Matheny is his lack of outward emotion and was a common theme about team USA during the WBC.

Yadier Molina finds free agency intriguing, will not negotiate during season

Could Yadier Molina be entering his final season as a St. Louis Cardinal?The All-Star catcher, who is entering the final guaranteed year of his current contract, admitted Saturday that the thought of g

St. Louis Cardinals: Roster Positions Selected, Announced, and Are the Right Choices

The St. Louis Cardinals have announced some roster positions securing the likes of Jose Martinez and Greg Garcia and these are the correct choices.

2017 VEB Projections Results: Brett Cecil

Here are Brett Cecil's projections

St. Louis Cardinals: Jhonny Peralta Enters 2017 Season As Starting Third Baseman

St. Louis Cardinals infielder Jhonny Peralta is expected to begin his contract year as the team's primary starting third baseman.