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A Look at Some of the Most Legendary Sports Bets Ever Made

Here's a look at some of the most legendary sports bets ever made.

St. Louis Cardinals Win 5-2, Wainwright Gets NL Best 14th Win

The Cardinals had many positives from their series finale with the Red Sox.

St. Louis Cardinals Should Have Acquired All-Star David Price

The Cardinals were reportedly in the hunt for pitcher David Price at the trade deadline and they definitely could have acquired him.

Hard to See the Positives in Shipping Allen Craig and Joe Kelly to the Boston Red Sox

Is trading for John Lackey more of a positive or a negative? Cardinals 101 debates!

St. Louis Cardinals Make a Move for a Starting Pitcher

St. Louis Cardinals trade for pitcher Justin Masterson in exchange for and outfield prospect to sure up their starting rotation.

Holliday and Wainwright Lead the St. Louis Cardinals to Victory

St. Louis Cardinals win the series against the Chicago Cubs with a 1-0 win, powered by Matt Holliday and Adam Wainwright.

St. Louis Cardinals End Their Four Game Losing Streak with a 6-3 Win Over the Chicago Cubs

The St. Louis Cardinals get back into the win column after a 6-3 over the Chicago Cubs, thanks to Shelby Miller and Matt Adams.

St. Louis Cardinals Could Capture First Place with a Win Against the Dodgers Sunday Night

The St. Louis Cardinals tied the Milwaukee Brewers for first place in the NL Central and have a chance to takeover completely with a win and sweep of the Dodgers Sunday night.

St. Louis Cardinals to Give Shelby Miller Extra Rest

The St. Louis Cardinals send starting pitcher Shelby Miller to the bullpen and will use a four man starting rotation to give the young right-hander more rest.

Adam Wainwright Has Been the Cardinals’ Savior

Adam Wainwright is the reason the St. Louis Cardinals are in contention and tied for first place in the NL Central.