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So What’s the Big Deal About Brett Favre?

October 24th, 2013 at 8:52 AM
By Chuck Chapman

Normally I try to be somewhat reserved in this space, but this morning I feel compelled to launch into full rant mode. The cause of my consternation: the "outrage" I'm witnessing on my Twitter timeline over ESPN's Adam Schefter's story that the St. Louis Rams contacted Brett Favre to consider coming out of retirement in the wake of Sam Bradford's season-ending knee injury.

Outrage? Some even said this was "embarrassing." Really? 

Granted Favre is 44 years old and two and a half seasons removed from playing in the NFL, but seriously, is contacting Favre really that outrageous considering who the Rams actually have on their roster?

Favre's final season in Minnesota ended with him sidelined, but even a geriatric, taped-together Favre forged five wins for the Vikings in his 13 appearances. The Vikings only won one other game without him. 

Favre's five victories are one more win (by a beaten-up 41 year old) than erstwhile Rams starter Kellen Clemens has in his entire career! I don't see my Twitter timeline blowing up with outrage over Clemens remaining on the roster, much less starting.

And don't forget, Favre's stint with the Jets was borne out of the Jets' (including Brian Schottenheimer) overwhelming lack of confidence in Clemens as the starter.

And who did the Rams bring in? The mighty Brady Quinn. He also has a whopping four victories in 20 starts with Cleveland and Kansas City. I didn't see sniggering and snarkiness in my social media when the Rams inked him this week.

Now Favre politely declined the Rams' invitation to work out, making this a moot point, but really…Would Favre really have been that bad of an option compared to Clemens and Quinn? Would he have "embarrassed" RamsNation with his play? As Cris Carter would say, "C'mon, man!"

For that matter, why all the hubbub over the prospect of bringing in Tim Tebow? People do realize Tebow has as many NFL starts as Clemens and Quinn combined, right? They do realize Tebow's 17 TD passes is only two shy of Clemens and Quinn's combined total with a third the interceptions, don' they? 

Now the critic could point to Tebow's sub-500 completion percentage and mock him, but is Clemens' 51.8% career mark or Quinn's 53.8% accuracy really that much better?

I wouldn't be a bit embarrassed if Brett Favre or Tim Tebow were quarterbacking the Rams. In fact, I'd have a little more hope the Rams might eke out a win or two over the next nine weeks if either of them were under center. 

With all due respect, RamsNation…get a clue before you Tweet.

photo credit: GMO66 via photopin cc

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