Thursday, July 27, 2017


Would you like to have the link to your sports-related editorial shortened? Did you forget the location of a specific story and want to find it? Or do you want to set up a page that only displays news from your favorite sports teams? Check out "", "Headline Search Service" and "Hot Sheet" below, and keep an eye out for many of the new Sports Media 101 services due to be released soon.

To use some of our services you must be a Sports Media 101 Member. Signing up is a 100% FREE and takes roughly 30 seconds. You can sign up here.

Hot Sheet

The "Hot Sheet" is a user-specific feature of Sports Media 101 that allows each individual reader access to their own private URL in which they can read the headlines of their favorite (or not so favorite) sports teams. Share your "Hot Sheet" link with your friends or family, bookmark it or access it anywhere, whenever. Create your "Hot Sheet" here. Sign Up required is a URL shortener service that denotes a sports-related article or editorial. Simply submit your sports news-related URL and the shortened version will be generated for you. If the website has not yet been approved for shortening, please allow a time for review and approval. If approved, an email will be sent to the address used to sign up complete with the shortened URL. Sign Up required

Headline Search Service

Have you lost the location of a really interesting article from a week ago? Did you want to share a story about a rival team with one of your friends? Headline Search Service allows you to search our entire site archives of 30k+ articles by keyword, date range, team and/or sport. It will display 100 of the most recent articles that match exactly what you were looking for. Sign Up required

The Daily

What are the biggest stories from around sports? Well, stay on point with our once daily e-mail that provides you with the knowledge of an expert. The Daily features the top 5 stories from anything to do with a ball, puck, tire or octagon.

Single Sign-In

Single Sign-In allows you to login universally to all the team sections without having to use Facebook, Twitter, Google, or Yahoo logins. With the simple click of a button, you can be automatically logged on and ready to join the conversation within seconds. Simply update your desired handle and avatar here and off you go. Sign Up required