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How Seahawks offensive starters rank at their positions in 2017 salary

February 17th, 2017 at 8:31 AM
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You’re probably aware that the Seattle Seahawks spend much more on their defense than they do their offense. If you didn’t explicitly know that, it makes sense right? Well, that really becomes apparent once you isolate players by position and 2017 salary.

As the Seahawks assess their needs on the free agent market this year, potential extensions, and where they can get cheaper (or more expensive) at certain positions, it’s interesting to note where their starters rank in the NFL right now. Though there will be some slight changes in these rankings after free agency starts, it won’t change much unless these specific contracts are altered.

Some players on other teams will get released, but others will get raises. It should mostly even itself out. What you’ll find out right now:

Only one starter on Seattle’s offense is in the top-10 for his position in 2017 salary.

Five starters (based on who you consider a “starter” maybe six or seven) aren’t even ranked in the top 32 at their position.

Russell Wilson has a reasonable salary.

Nobody is overpaid. Some are great bargains. Some are too good of bargains. The offensive line is stunningly cheap, even by the standards of how cheap you already thought they were.

Russell Wilson — 15th-highest paid QB in 2017

Next season’s highest-paid QB: Tony Romo at $24.7 million. That’s obviously going to change, but interesting nonetheless. So too is it interesting who follows him, with Joe Flacco coming in second and Carson Palmer coming in third. How confident is anyone in the three highest paid QBs for next season? By releasing Romo with a post-June 1 designation, the Cowboys will save $14 million, while Romo will sign a new deal with a new team meaning that he may actually get a raise this year. That is unless he is traded, of course.

So there are 14 QBs ahead of Wilson right now,…

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