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Seattle Seahawks safety Earl Thomas yearns to be the best ever

June 23rd, 2014 at 8:14 PM
By Casey Olson

The dreaded Super Bowl Hangover is a real thing. The last team to play in two-straight Super Bowls was the New England Patriots, when they won the championship in 2004 and 2005.But Seattle Seahawks All-Pro safety Earl Thomas doesn’t see that hangover affecting his team. Not even close.

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“There’s still an empty void there,” Thomas told Jim Rome recently on CBS Sports Radio. “My thirst for never being satisfied and always searching for that next challenge is there. The next challenge is, can we do it again?” 

If there’s a recipe for succumbing to that Super Bowl Hangover, it’s Thomas. The three-time Pro Bowl free safety recently inked a four-year, $40 million extension with the Seahawks after collecting 105 tackles last season.

But taking the money and running is not something that’s in Thomas’ vocabulary. He will also not let his Seahawk teammates bask in the glory of winning a Super Bowl title. 

“I’m not concerned at all about that,” Thomas told Rome. “We have great leaders. As long as I’m around, I don’t think that will happen.”

Thomas’ thirst to be the best doesn’t just extend to the football field. He wants to be thought of as one of the best athletes in history.

“The best athlete ever, the best (defensive back), the best defensive player that anybody has ever seen,” Thomas told Rome and even went on to say he wanted to be compared to greats like Muhammad Ali, Michael Jordan and Babe Ruth.”

“Definitely, definitely, you never set any limits on yourself,” he continued. “You always just fight for that untapped potential and you never know when your breakthrough is going to happen and you never know when that other door is going to open.

Thomas went on to say that he’s “addicted to winning.” He’s played for championships at every level of his football career, starting at Pop Warner, through high school and at the University of Texas, where the Longhorns lost to Alabama at the 2010 National Championship.

“I have been a champion since I was a little boy, so this is nothing new,” Thomas said. “I know that I’m hard to beat. I know I go harder than anyone. If I put my mind to it, I can be the best. I’m going to outwork you. I don’t care if I’m taking out the trash. I want to be the best at taking out the trash.”

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