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Arizona Cardinals’ Bruce Arians on Last Year’s 58-0 Loss to Seattle Seahawks: “Who Gives a S–t”

December 22nd, 2013 at 5:52 AM
By Brian Myers

As the Arizona Cardinals prepare to fight for their playoff lives, and as the Seattle Seahawks prepare to lock things up, a repetitive storyline has been a 58-0 beating that occurred only a season ago. But 2013 is a new year, the Cardinals are vastly improved, and they aren't interested in hearing about, nor discussing that lopsided loss anymore.

When asked about it on Friday, Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians was blunt in his reaction. At first, he tried to dive into the X's and O's of the game, but frustration overcame him and out came to obscenities.

“That was another team,” Arians said. “It’s not our offense or our defense. I mean, who gives a shit.”

Ultimately, Arians said, this game is quite different and will act as a measuring stick for the Cardinals. With the Seahawks leading the division and the odds-on favorites to make a trip to the Super Bowl, he knows he's going to find out the true identity of his team on Sunday.

“This is a big one because right now they are in first place in the division,” Arians said. “It is a barometer. The last time we were there, obviously, everybody knows what happened. But that wasn’t ‘we’ — that was another team.”

The Seahawks, meanwhile, are equally as disinterested in that game. What's done is done, and their sole focus is on wrapping things up and going into the playoffs with momentum.

Sunday's game should, at the very least, be a highly entertaining and competitive contest, but it would be surprising to see an outcome other than another Seahawks victory.

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