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Seattle Seahawks’ Jesse Williams Released from UW Medical Center After Surgery

Seattle Seahawks defensive tackle Jesse Williams released from hospital after undergoing surgery for kidney cancer. He is looking forward to full recovery and returning to the field.

Seattle Seahawks’ Linebacker Bobby Wagner Makes NFL Top 100 List

Seattle Seahawks linebacker Bobby Wagner makes NFL Top 100 list. The list and its order regardless of position is created by NFL players.

Seattle Seahawks Sign Top Draft Picks Frank Clark and Tyler Lockett

The Seattle Seahawks have finalized contract agreements with draft picks Frank Clark and Tyler Lockett. All eight draft selections this year have now been signed.

Seattle Seahawks’ Draft Pick Tyler Lockett to Attend NFLPA Rookie Premiere This Week in Los Angeles

Seattle Seahawks’ rookie wide receiver Tyler Lockett will attend the 21st annual NFLPA Rookie Premiere later this week. The event helps players gain information to assist in the development of their professional careers and personal brands.

Seattle Seahawks’ Jon Ryan Suitable Competitor for American Ninja Warrior

Seattle Seahawks’ punter Jon Ryan is ready to compete on American Ninja Warrior, premiering tomorrow night on NBC. Contestants are put through an extreme obstacle course and those who finish with the best times, advance to more difficult rounds.

NFL Players Inc. Signs New Licensees to Access Mobile, Digital and Co-branded Platforms

NFL Players Inc has forged new licensees to access more mobile, digital and co-branded platforms. for the 2015 fiscal year, Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson led the NFLPA Top 50 Player Sales List.

Schedule Your Seattle Seahawks Sea Gals Appearances Now

Now is the time to book your Seattle Seahawks Sea Gals for this years corporate or charity event. 30 lucky women were recently chosen from over 150 worthy competitors.

Seattle Seahawks Set Four Media Friendly Practice Dates Through Mid June

The Seattle Seahawks scheduled four media friendly practices through mid June. The workouts are part of 'Phase Three' of the Seahawks’ official offseason program.

What Bruce Irvin May Have Said, is Why Seattle Needs to Bring Back the Sonics, Soon

Seattle Seahawks linebacker Bruce Irvin made a comment last week that may have been taken out of context. One thing’s for sure; OTA’s and training camp can’t begin soon enough for Seahawks media and fans, starving for compelling news.

NFL Moves PAT to 15-Yard Line

The NFL’s Competition Committee voted to move its extra point try kick from the 2-yard line to the 15-yard line. It hopes to make the play more challenging to the players and more entertaining for spectators.