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San Jose Sharks Make Sense for Tavares

August 8th, 2017 at 6:54 AM
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Thirty-one NHL teams know New York Islanders center John Tavares is an elite player. Any team interested in his services is going to have to answer the sameĀ question posed by Larry Brooks for Isles management: “what is the organization’s selling point?”

We know John Tavares makes sense for the San Jose Sharks because he makes sense for every team. But does San Jose make sense for John Tavares?

The Background

As of now, Tavares is on the trade market, sort of. He is under contract to the Isles for the upcoming season, after which he can become a free agent. The most likely outcome is Tavares signs a long-term deal with his current team before he becomes a free agent June 30, 2018. But this is hardly a given. One thing is a given: Tavares will have a long-term deal, somewhere, which begins with the 2018-19 season.

Tavares has reason to leave the Islanders. There are roster issues, competitive issues, and venue issues. For Isles general manager Garth Snow, there is every reason to keep Tavares. However, it’d be a disaster for the Isles if Tavares left in a year and Snow got nothing for him.

Garth Snow New York Islanders

Garth Snow is in a challenging spot with his best player. (THW file photo)

If the odds were good Tavares would re-sign with the Isles, it’s fair to say he’d probably have re-signed by now. If the odds are low, the Isles would be wise to trade Tavares to another team. At the point where a trade makes sense, Snow’s job simplifies to this: acquire the maximum assets he can in a trade. If all else is equal, send him to the Western Conference, where he’d only play occasionally against the Isles. General managers aren’t fond of traded players coming back to haunt them.

Trade Considerations

The maximum trade value for Tavares will come sooner than later, because having Tavares for longer makes him more valuable to the acquiring team. The acquiring team’s ability to re-sign Tavares is a major consideration. A team will trade more assets for a long-term acquisition than it will for a one-year rental. But signing Tavares to a long-term deal requires a lot of salary cap space. Several teams, including many of the league’s better teams, do not have salary cap space sufficient to re-sign Tavares – at least not without going through major roster gyrations.

These considerations create practical constraints on where Tavares might go in a trade.

The ability of a team to sign Tavares to a long-term deal holds tremendous sway. If the Isles trade Tavares to a place he wants to go – a place he’ll sign a long-term deal – the Isles will get a much larger return. Since maximizing the return is what the Isles must do, it logically follows that Tavares has a major say in where he gets traded.

A lot revolves around the simple question: what does Tavares want?

The Ante for Tavares

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