Over the years, the Giants have played in 10 different stadiums. The first seven resided in either Manhattan or New Jersey when the franchise was based in New York. The next three were located in three different areas in San Francisco. Since 2000, the Giants have played at AT&T Park on Third and King. The ballpark holds 41,503 fans and became the first MLB ballpark to be privately financed since Dodger Stadium back in 1962. From the ballpark, fans have magnificent views of the San Francisco area, including Bay Bridge and the Marina.

AT&T Park also has a bundle of unique characteristics. Outside the stadium’s entrance stands a nine-foot statue of Willie Mays. Beyond left field there is a park for children along with an 80-foot Coca-Cola bottle. And probably the best of all is McCovey Cove, the nickname given to an area of the San Francisco Bay that lies just outside the right field wall. During games, people often wait in kayaks in hope that a home run ball sails over the fence and straight into the water. Such home runs by Giants hitters are called “Splash Hits.” There have been 60 so far during the park’s history.