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Giants score run against Max Scherzer, still lose

May 31st, 2017 at 11:22 PM
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Imagine the Giants having someone like Ryan Zimmerman.

Not the actual guy, transported onto the team, as if that would have made a difference with this toilet season. But the idea. The fun that comes with watching a fan favorite crawl out of a pit of despair and reinvent himself. Or, more simply, a player who wildly exceeds expectations.

It seems ludicrous. He whomped the ball all series, and at no point did he look like anyone employed by the Giants. At no point did he look like anyone the Giants will ever employ again.

And when I’ve pointed out that it’s alright for spoiled fans to complain, my justification is that baseball seasons are long. They’re long enough that you’ll forget almost everything that came before it, good or bad, if the present state of the team is sufficiently extreme. That’s where we are now. The team that brought back Ryan Vogelsong, the team that stumbled into Marco Scutaro impression of Rod Carew, have fans that can’t imagine a Zimmerman-like season. The team that wasn’t sure if Buster Posey would ever catch again and then watched him win the MVP in a championship season 16 months later.

That team.

Imagine the Giants having someone like Ryan Zimmerman.

Nope. Impossible. For one, he hit a three-run homer, which the Giants are not allowed to do in this parallel universe. Every team had at least three before the night started. The Nationals now have 12.

It doesn’t help that the Giants are dead last in baseball in home runs in an era that’s becoming known as one of the most …

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