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Chicago Cubs whip out 1970s gear for ‘Anchorman-themed’ road trip

The Chicago Cubs beat the San Francisco Giants 5-1 at Wrigley Field on Thursday, then hit the road for a six-game West-Coast road trip.And because the Cubs are headed to San Diego for the second half o

The Giants are picking 19th in the 2017 MLB Draft, and here’s what that’s meant in the past

Hope you're ready for some Tony Torcato memories!

SF Giants Minor Lines, 5/23/17

The weather is getting in the way of baseball back east, so don't count on a Shaw home run today. Will you take a Brusa instead?

Jon Lester dazzles, humiliates Giants in shutout win

The Giants were right to pursue this port-sided warrior years ago. He's apparently pretty good.

WATCH: Kyle Schwarber crushes 470-foot home run

Too bad home runs with nobody on base only count for one run, because if distance were a factor, Kyle Schwarber's monster homer on Tuesday would have counted for several.Schwarber blasted a 470-foot

Kelby Tomlinson is going to try center field in the minors

Better late than never, I suppose.

Who will the Giants be for the rest of 2017?

Are they going to be the good team we've seen lately or the bad team we've seen more?

SF Giants Minor Lines, 5/22/17

San Jose continues to roll, and the wheels of Richmond and Sacramento continue to roll off.

WATCH: Cubs pull off two miraculous defensive plays in a row

The 2016 NLDS rematch between the San Francisco Giants and Chicago Cubs is off to a tremendous start. Joe Panik got the party started with a home run before the Chicago defense took over with a coup


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