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San Francisco Giants: Will We See The Pitcher In Eight Spot In 2017?

The San Francisco Giants did a few quirky things with their lineup in 2016. Here's why that will be the last we see of a pitcher in the eighth spot for now.

San Francisco Giants: Betances Case Proves Avoiding Arbitration is for the Best

The strange case between Dellin Betances and the Yankees proves that the San Francisco Giants' method of avoiding arbitration is for the best.

San Francisco Giants: Three Areas Where The Offense Can Improve

The San Francisco Giants offense is always a hot topic. Fans know what to expect from pitching.

San Francisco Giants’ Spring Battles Should be Held on Even Playing Field

The San Francisco Giants should let the best man win their competitions in spring, even in the best man has minor league options.

San Francisco Giants Sign Slade Heathcott, Who Isn’t an Aging Infielder

On Friday, the San Francisco Giants signed former prospect Slade Heathcott,but he doesn't fit in with their plans to sign every infielder they possibly can.

Vince Coleman is here to teach young Giants how to steal bases

This allows us to talk about fun things.

San Francisco Giants: Hunter Strickland needs to be Dominate in 2017

Here we'll take a look at San Francisco Giants relief pitcher Hunter Strickland and how he needs to become a more dominate pitcher in 2017.

San Francisco Giants Sign Aaron Hill; Because Why Not

The San Francisco Giants have signed 12 year major league veteran infielder Aaron Hill to a camp deal in time for Spring Training.

Giants sign Aaron Hill

If the Giants get one more utility infielder on their punch card, they get a free utility infielder!

Giants add infielder Aaron Hill on minor league contract

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. (AP) Versatile infielder Aaron Hill has agreed to a minor league contract with the San Francisco Giants and would get a $2 million, one-year deal if he is added to the 40-man roster