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San Francisco 49ers: Window of Opportunity for Big Name Wide Receiver Signing Might Be Closing in San Francisco

March 6th, 2013 at 10:36 AM
By Mark Ortiz

This week the Kansas City Chiefs were reported to have signed free agent wide receiver Dwayne Bowe to a five year, 56 million dollar contract. No doubt to help shore up the tools for their newly acquired quarterback and former San Francisco 49ers starting quarterback Alex Smith to utilize. While that is most certainly a plus for Smith, what does the Bowe signing mean to the 49ers organization?

For one, it means that a big name and big play receiver is taken off of the market, forcing the 49ers to look elsewhere for wide receiver help. But it also means that the windows of opportunity are closing in the wide out market. The 49ers do need to add depth to their wide receiver core, especially if Mario Manningham and Kyle Williams to not come back 100%.

The free agent market is a tricky beast to wrap up sometimes, and there are times when one particular signing leads to a waterfall of contract conclusions. Will the Bowe signing lead to such an effect? It is not entirely certain yet, but already many roads are being paved for certain players. And the free agent market opens in just under a week. The 49ers would do themselves a world of justice to beef up contract talks with wide receivers sooner than later. Waiting too long before committing to some of these players just might put them out of contention of signing them.

There are still decent wide receiver options open to the 49ers, although Bowe is a huge name off the list, but the market is bound to get smaller in the coming days, even before free agency opens.

Wes Welker is reported to have interest in testing the free agent market. He would be a huge addition to the 49ers. The Patriots are sneaky though, and they could just be hanging Welker out there just to see what kind of money he draws. More news will be available on the Welker contract in just a few days.

The Pittsburgh Steelers have made it official; they will not be bringing back superstar wide out Mike Wallace back to town. The Steelers have serious salary cap issues, and cannot afford the pricey Wallace. It leaves the door open to the 49ers, who could essentially bring him to San Francisco as the number one wide receiver.

The New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz has also taken to the media regarding his frustration in contract talks with the club. He is reported to be asking for a lot of money on a multi year deal, but it has also been reported that the Giants would like to retain his services. It sounds like h will eventually stay with the Giants, they just have to reach a mutually wanted agreement. Do not look for the 49ers to have any shot at bringing Cruz to the Bay area.

The Green Bay Packers also declined to place the franchise tag on Greg Jennings in 2013, so he too will hit free agency next week. The Miami Dolphins Brian Hartline is reported to be deep in contract talks to stay in Miami, so he might just be off the market. Danny Amendola, Domenik Hixon, Julian Edelman, and Devery Henderson have not reported any contract negotiations, so there is a likelyhood that all four of them reach free agency. But one never knows, the free agent market opens next Tuesday. That is a long time by NFL standards, and a lot can happen in six days. 

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