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A Quick Look at the 2014 Pittsburgh Steelers Team Needs

January 2nd, 2014 at 10:10 PM
By Mark Mihalko
As the Pittsburgh Steelers enter 2014, they have a lot of unanswered questions. With the team coming off a second straight 8-8 season, improvements must be made. However, unlike 2012, this team feels like it is on an upswing instrad of a downward spiral.
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While there is a lot to do with their salary cap situation, and there will likely be roster moves to open cap space, it is also never to early to take a quick look into the needs for the draft. At this point, it would seem that (in no particular order) nose tackle, cornerback, safety, wide receiver, tight end, outside linebacker and defensive end would be their top needs.
The Steelers will sit at number 15 in the first round of the NFL Draft, and regardless of position, must land a playmaker. While some fans may argue and state that they need to address their defense, they cannot just blindly go defense (see Ziggy Hood) because of need. In looking at some of the prospects, nose tackle may be one of the weakest positions in this draft, yet it is arguable that it is the Steelers biggest need.  
In fact, if Notre Dame nose tackle Louis Nix is gone, there may not be another nose tackle worth drafting until the third round. The fact that the Steelers are lacking a third-rounder is definitely complicating the situation. In a perfect world, the 6-2, 352-pound run stuffer will fall into their lap, but that type of scenario is unlikely to happen for a third straight draft. 
Because of the lack of depth at nose tackle, the Steelers must look at either wide receiver, tight end or cornerback at number 15. Yes, this is a somewhat deep draft at those positions, but they cannot afford to miss with that selection. In a perfect world Texas A&M wide receiver Mike Evans would be the pick. At 6-5, 225-pounds, Evens would be a perfect compliment to Antonio Brown and give quarterback Ben Roethlisberger the big wide out he has been wanting. 
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