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Desperate Pittsburgh Steelers Fall Short of a Miracle Comeback

December 9th, 2013 at 10:02 PM
By Mark Mihalko

On a disappointing Sunday afternoon in which the Pittsburgh Steelers fell to 34-28 to the Miami Dolphins, fans and the team were left to wonder what if. What if Maukice Pouncey was not injured week one, what if the defense could stop giving up big plays, and even what it Antonio Brown had not stepped out of bounds on the last second desperation play.

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Now what ifs and what could have been will be the mantra moving forward as the team watched their playoff hopes all but evaporate. On top of that, fans will likely have to start saying their goodbyes to some Steeler standouts, as players such as Ryan Clark and even Troy Polamalu may be on the way out.

Steelers fans almost witnessed a miracle, as the final play to Brown came within inches of being one of the greatest touchdowns in Steelers history. Unfortunately, as it has been the norm in 2013, he stepped out of bounds at the 11-yard line. Even if he would have scored, it would have just prolonged the inevitable. The Steelers do not deserve to be in the playoffs, and the reality is that their 5-8 record is probably better than their overall performance in 2013.

Incredibly, it was again the Steelers defense that let them down. Between missed tackles and giving up big plays, the Steelers again could not stop a type of offense that they used to feast off of. It is obvious that once solid tacklers such as Polamalu, Clark and even Cortez Allen continued the string of shoddy play that has marred the entire 2013 season.  

Unfortunately, the loss outweighs another solid performance by quarterback Ben Roethlisberger and Brown. Roethlisberger threw three more touchdowns and Brown hauled in his 90th reception of the season. Amazing numbers considering the dire straits that the offensive line has been in this entire season.   


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