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Gauging Jordy Mercer’s true value to the Pittsburgh Pirates

June 1st, 2017 at 1:47 PM
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The general consensus among average Pittsburgh Pirates fans is that Jordy Mercer is an above average shortstop, offensively and defensively. Let’s take a deeper look and determine whether or not this theory is true and try to understand how valuable Mercer is.

Take a simple search for “Jordy Mercer” of the Pittsburgh Pirates on Twitter, the hub of all overly positive or despicably negative thoughts. The bulk of the tweets referring to him, whether from fans or from media, are positive.

You will find some negative thoughts, but that’s because Twitter is full of negativity. Not every tweet will be positive.

After driving in the game-tying not once, but twice yesterday, Mercer is on the good side of plenty of Pirates fans.

Mercer is popular and worthy enough that the Pirates are giving away a bobblehead of him in a few weeks, for whatever that is worth.

But how do we properly gauge Jordy Mercer’s value? Mercer has always shown flashes – fans saw two of them yesterday as he tied the game up in the 9th and 11th innings – but has left many feeling that his overall offensive performance has been lacking. We’ll start there.


Mercer has hit over .256 just once in his career (.285 in 2013). His 2017 on-base percentage would be a career-high if the season ended today.

In terms of advanced statistics, Mercer’s strikeout percentage in …

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