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Pittsburgh Pirates’ Offensive Output Matching 2013 Squad

May 13th, 2014 at 2:41 PM
By Allan Smith

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An increase in walks combined with a decrease in strikeouts has allowed the Pittsburgh Pirates to score more than .1 more runs per game compared to 2013, even though doubles and home runs are both down. The Pirates offense often takes the blame when the team struggles, however, the slow start in 2014 can't be placed solely on its shoulders.

Runs per Game | 2013: 3.91 | 2014: 4.02  

The Bucs are scoring just over .1 more runs per game in 2014. With improved pitching, the continued success of this current lineup and the eventful promotion of Gregory Polanco, this number, as well as the team's winning percentage, will increase

Hits per Game | 2013: 8.30 | 2014: 8.57

This is due to the increase in singles this season. The team has put more baserunners on base in 2014, although they have not been hitting as many extra base hits.

Doubles per Game | 2013: 1.69 | 2014: 1.30

Doubles are down across the board for the Bucs, as Starling Marte and Jordy Mercer, two players who hit plenty of doubles in 2013, have not been hitting many at all.

Triples per Game | 2013: .22 | 2014: .27

Pittsburgh is near the top of baseball with 10 triples so far in 2014. Seven players have hit the 10 triples.

Home Runs per Game | 2013: .99 | 2014: .89

Andrew McCutchen has been slow to hit the long ball at the start of 2014. Combine this with few home runs from first base, catcher and shortstop, and the 2014 Bucs are behind a relatively strong power season in 2013.

Walks per Game | 2013: 2.89 | 2014: 3.35

Probably the biggest difference from 2013 to 2014 is the increased amount of walks the Pirates are taking. Both McCutchen and Pedro Alvarez have been taking far more walks in 2014, while Marte has shown added plate patience.

Strikeouts per Game | 2013: 8.2 | 2014: 7.9

Directly correlated with the increase in walks has been the decrease in strikeouts, a pleasant development for the Pirates.

Stolen Bases per Game | 2013: .58 | 2014: .59

Near identical numbers to the 2013 squad in this category.

Batting Average | 2013: .245 | 2014: .247

Again, another category that is nearly identical for the 2013 and 2014 squads.

On-Base Percentage | 2013: .313 | 2014: .322

The increase in walks has led to a nearly .1 increase in the team's on-base percentage.

Slugging Percentage | 2013: .396 | 2014: .376

The decrease in doubles and home runs has led to the team slugging percentage dropping by .2

On-Base Plus Slugging | 2013: .709 | 2014: .699

Combine the .1 increase in OBP with the .2 decrease in slugging, and you end up with an OPS that is .1 lower in 2014.

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