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First Pitch: How Many Wins Are the Pirates Projected For in 2017?

Every year when FanGraphs releases the ZiPS projections for the Pirates, I do an article where I take the WAR projections, combined with my analysis on the expected playing time, and come up with an expected win total. This process started in 2013 and continued each season after that.

Two pitchers vouch for new procedures that could speed up recovery from injury

Boston's Drew Pomeranz and St. Louis' Seth Maness received experimental treatment after recent injuries.

Pittsburgh Pirates 2017 ZiPS: Starting Pitching

Fangraphs has been releasing Dan Szymborski's ZiPS projections all offseason. On January 23rd, the Pittsburgh Pirates rankings came out.

Pittsburgh Pirates: MLB Pipeline on Former Pirate Reese McGuire

Over the summer the Pittsburgh Pirates made one of the most controversial trades in recent history. Some are still questioning why the deal was made

Pittsburgh Pirates 2017 Prospect Projections: Will Craig

The Pittsburgh Pirates are a team that must live and die by its prospects. In a new series, PBD will project each of the team's Top 20 prospects in 2017.

FanGraphs Releases Pittsburgh Pirates 2017 ZiPS Projections

FanGraphs released the 2017 Pittsburgh Pirates ZiPS projections by Dan Szymborski today, giving a look at how one of the best projection systems feels about the Pirates for the upcoming season. The numbers this year predict that the Pirates will have a good offensive group, with an above-average lineup that will produce about 21 WAR, which […]

2017 Pirates Prospectus: Chad Kuhl

The right-hander has a good chance to make the rotation out of spring training.

Pittsburgh Pirates’ Marte third in MLB Network Top Ten LF Right Now Ranks

Pittsburgh Pirates LF Starling Marte has been ranked third best LF overall by MLB Network's "The Shredder."

Pittsburgh Pirates Wake-Up Call – Plateau Is a Bad Word

In our daily Wake-Up Call, we get you ready with a look at all things Pittsburgh Pirates. The club should do everything in 2017 to avoid a plateau

Who Should Be The Pittsburgh Pirates Fifth Starter?

One of the battles in Spring Training for the Pittsburgh Pirates will be the fifth starter spot. Who will have a leg up heading into spring?