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Reports Indicate Shawn Thornton to Be Suspended 15 Games . . . Complete Joke

December 14th, 2013 at 3:57 PM
By Andrew Brown

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(Look! A clown without makeup!)

Want to hear a joke? Reports streaming from TSN are saying the NHL is set to suspend Boston Bruins enforcer Shawn Thornton for fifteen games. Not laughing? Well neither is anyone else not named Shawn Thornton. If this is the official suspension then Thornton is walking away for the ugliest incident the NHL has seen in a decade with what amounts to a slap on the wrist and a stern 'now don't do that again, okay?'.

This is pathetic. The door was opened for Gary Bettman and Brendan Shanahan too declare a statement and knock this garbage out of the league for good. Leave it to Bettman, a supervillian on par with Lex Luthor and Doctor Doom before this, to shrink when the stakes rose. He handled this with politician hands, careful not to overly upset anyone. A learning moment has been completely wasted. A opportunity to clean the game up has been wasted. There was a sliver of hope the NHL would handle this right after the disappointing James Neal punishment, but that's all gone now. Quickly swept under the rug for no one to remember come January. The NHL waited more than a week to announce Thornton's suspension because they wanted tempers to die down. Well Gary, everyone's angry again. And again, you're the reason why. Its times like this where you shouldn't wonder why arenas explode with boos when you deliver the Stanley Cup. God help you the next time it's in Pittsburgh.

Fifteen games . . . it leaves a taste in your mouth like a double shot of vinegar followed by a sour milk chaser. Shawn Thornton may be a nice guy and he's never been suspended before but those credentials got tossed out the window when he slew-footed Brooks Orpik, socked him twice, and had to be pulled off of a unconscious man. Thornton can give a million dollars to the March of Dimes tomorrow but that doesn't make his actions last Saturday not classless. Dirty is dirty and near criminal is near criminal. Nothing past, present, or future can change that.

But Shawn Thornton's a nice guy. Great, that makes it all better. You hear that Brooks? You had to be carried off the ice via stretcher and placed on IR by a nice guy who said he was sorry and didn't mean to hurt you. Thornton's apology probably chiseled a game or two off his punishment.

Hopefully this report is not accurate. Hopefully this was a feeler released by Bettman. A crafty move by a spineless commissioner. Hopefully the actual suspension is longer. A lot longer. Because if this is the real thing, then the NHL and Bettman and Shanahan will have lost all remaining credibility they hand. And after the softness shown in the Todd Bertuzzi situation, there's not much left.

Maybe in another ten years when another guy does this, he can laugh at this joke along with Thornton.

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2 Responses to “Reports Indicate Shawn Thornton to Be Suspended 15 Games . . . Complete Joke”

  1.  Rob Cote says:

    Are you kidding me???? Neil drives his knee ON PURPOSE into a player’s head, gets five games and you are saying Thornton didn’t get enough for his actions???? You whine like your pretty boy Sid. Did he deserve a suspension, yes and this is coming from a Bruins fan but FIVE games for an intent to injure cr Neil, please. Neil should be out just as long, if not longer. You want to clean up the game but no where do I read about your boy Neil’s dirty actions. Either say they all should get hefty suspensions or shut up. You are still just butt hurt over being embarrassed last year in the playoffs. Only thingi agree with is that Bettman and Shanahan are both jokes and it didn’t take this year to see that.

    •  kj heinritz says:

      I guess you didn’t read the article Mr. Brown wrote on December 9th called Brook’s Orpik’s 5 game suspension not enough. He says in it that,
      “Neal’s Shining Wizard to Marchand was as dirty as anything Matt Cooke has done. Just watch the play, consarnit! Neal makes no effort to move out of the way and even appears to lower his knee, ensuring contact. The game begin rough and Neal was completely taken in by it. That’s no excuse for clubbing a guy in the temple and there’s no way that is worth only a five game benching. The NHL missed wildly on this.” he did say they should both get hefty suspensions.

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