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This Won’t Go Away: Sidney Crosby Verses the DMV

August 13th, 2013 at 3:45 PM
By Andrew Brown

Pittsburgh Penguins CEO David Morehouse has added another chapter to the Sidney Crosby, Department of Motor Vehicles saga. That's right. This story is not going away. Goodie.

In comments made to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review today, Morehouse said, "Anyone that knows Sid or follows hockey, in Pittsburgh or anywhere, knows that's not the person he is. To think he would flaunt his status and cut in line . . . that's not him."

For those of you that have been under a rock on Mars with both fingers in your ears, Sidney Crosby has been under fire (really? Yes, really) for being ushered to the front of the line at the Allegheny DMV last Friday. A celebrity of Sid's local status needs to be pushed through the door as quickly as possible.

Jan McKnight, the DMV's community relations coordinator, defends Crosby and the policy, saying, "People of high visibility have been given priority for some time. It just makes sense. (Crosby) did not do anything that we don't already allow."

That should be a crescendo. Imagine the chaos of Sidney standing in line, trapped for an hour plus, trying to downplay his presence. Imagine all of social media exploding, signaling to the Penguins faithful that Sid the Kid is there. Imagine the autograph seekers and single women and hopeful TMZ photographers racing down the Parkway to get to McCandless first. The DMV would've been overrun with people hoping to speak with him. To catch a glimpse of him. Some even settling for a whiff of his bodyspray. Imagine pure chaos.

Alas, we're still handed pure chaos. Public reaction to Sid's preferred treatment as been mixed to negative, adding another reason to why this story still has legs. The now famous (infamous?) Susan Campbell of Cranberry wraps it up all nice by saying, "He should have to sit and wait with everybody else."

But this is Sidney Crosby. He's not everybody else. He has a Gold Medal and a Hart Trophy and a Stanley Cup on his mantle. He's the face of the NHL and one of the only hockey players who are nationally recognizable. Point blank, Sidney's a celebrity and celebrities have been given this kind of deal forever. Just because this celebrity is a nice kid doesn't change that. Us regular folks have to swallow that down. We don't have to like it, but we have to understand it's not going away. And thanks to David Morehouse's comments, neither is this story.

Wait for the inevitable Sidney Crosby public apology tomorrow or the next day.

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