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Draft is Finally Here What Will Phoenix Suns Do

June 26th, 2014 at 12:22 AM
By Earl Burnett

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The NBA draft has come upon us and the Phoenix Suns still hold all three first round picks. That means the closer to draft day without trade movement the farther away the idea of packaging a deal to get Kevin Love from the Minnesota Timberwolves.

So if Love is off the table who will the Suns take at number 14, with many mock drafts come and gone the best move they can make now is to get a shooter. This draft class has a few good prospects known for knock down shooting in college. The hopes of one being there at number 14 are not that far off depending on who the player is.

Look for the Suns to go after either Doug McDermott, who of all their choices may not be there at number 14 as he has been projected to go as high a number eight to Sacramento. Then there is Zach LaVine, James Young, and Gary Harris, all consensus shooters and in this case if they can put the three in the bucket this pick is a lock for being a good one.

Ryan McDonough has had a reputation of being able to pursued deals like he did in Boston bringing in the free agents that brought along a Championship, but the scenario is far different here in Phoenix and it will be very interesting to see if McDonough can make a star player out of three first round draft picks.

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