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Need More Devin Booker 70? We Have It All Right Here

Inside is a compilation of the many stories written in the last 24 hours about Devin Booker's Historic 70 point Game, and other Side Stories.

Allowing Booker to Score 70 Means Earl Watson Gets It

Earl Watson showed us all something about himself by allowing Devin Booker to score 70. And now he too is officially a part of the big picture.

Phoenix Suns Player Profile: T.J. Warren is making do without shooting

His offensive value is impressive and worth a closer look.

Suns Squared: Booker’s Backcourt Partner

Taking a look at Devin Booker's stats when Eric Bledsoe vs Tyler Ulis starts next to him. Also, some stats about his 70 point game.

Devin Booker’s 70-point performance one of the greatest ever

The Phoenix Suns may very well be tanking for a higher pick in the upcoming NBA draft, but don't tell that to young shooting guard Devin Booker.Already in the midst of a breakout season that has seen

Hot takes: Booker, Watson, Celtics players, Celtics fans give their views

After Phoenix Suns guard Devin Booker scored 70, everyone had a hot take. Guess who's was most mature?

Devin Booker takes over NBA Twitter with historic night

70 will do that.

What Do The Suns Do Now?

The Phoenix Suns are a work in progress. Even though Devin Booker just scored 70, it looks like that work will take at least another year.

How Devin Booker Scored 70 Points Against Boston

Booker also wasn't flinging shots up hoping for them to fall. He was spectacularly efficient shooting 14-26 in the second half, and 21-40 for the game.

Jae Crowder, Devin Booker trade shots on Instagram

NBA Instagram: It's where the action continues even after the game ends.Some Boston Celtics were bothered by the Phoenix Suns' tactics in padding Devin Booker's stats on Friday night after he sco