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The Phillies are just not as different as we wanted them to be, yet

May 19th, 2017 at 10:54 AM
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Okay. Let’s start with the facts.

  • Phillies starters have survived later than the fifth inning only 15 times in 38 games, and Phillies pitchers have given up the 5th most ER in baseball (184) as well as the most home runs (Tieed with the Dodgers at 61) which is bad, but is expounded by
  • The bullpen, which is allowing the most home runs in all of baseball’s bullpens with 27 and doing their part in contributing to Phillies pitchers allowing at least two home runs in eight straight games, but that’s not even their fault all of the time because
  • The coaches haven’t assigned anyone specific bullpen roles and don’t seem to have a strategy in place for deploying or even warming up pitchers, and not to mention
  • The starting catcher was called out in public for his faulty pitch selection, just as he was starting to move his bat from a still position into a swinging motion that made contact with the ball, a rare feat in this lineup when you consider that
  • The offense is stifled, undisciplined, and untimely, as we have watched slugger Maikel Franco hit .213 with a .643 OPS and sink to seventh in the batting order, fading away before our very eyes and removing himself from the imagined futures we so gleefully envisioned just weeks ago.


What did we want this team to be again? I had settled on “an annoyance.” A bug in the ear for division leaders thinking that would wallop and crush their way into the playoffs. Not register for the post season themselves, certainly, but provide more than a carcass for the National League’s elite teams to step on as they climbed to the top.

And what have they become? Well, let’s ask the Rangers.

Oh, no, you can’t, because their mouths are full of substandard, discounted pizza. But if they weren’t laughing and having a celebratory pizza fight, they’d tell you the Phillies were barely noticeable as they became the last three wins of the Rangers’ nine-game win streak on Thursday afternoon, the longest such streak in all of baseball this season.

There’s a lot wrong here, with this 14-24 team. And you know the beats to hit as well as I do. Because the Phillies haven’t actually lost 24 games. They’ve lost the same game about 15-20 times.

Joely Rodriguez is still the only lefty the Phillies have had to work with all season. The …

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