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A deeper look at the Eagles’ No. 1-ranked special teams units

February 17th, 2017 at 9:40 AM
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The Eagles’ special teams units were the best in the NFL in 2016, according to Football Outsiders, followed closely behind by the Kansas City Chiefs. They also placed first in Dallas Morning News columnist Rick Gosselin’s (somewhat flawed) yearly rankings, which were published this week.

In Gosselin’s rankings, the Eagles had by far the No. 1 special teams units, with the Detroit Lions and, once again, the Chiefs, following behind. In his piece, Gosselin ranked teams by the following 21 special teams metrics: 

  1. Kickoff returns
  2. Punt returns
  3. Kickoff coverage
  4. Punt coverage
  5. Kickoff starting point
  6. Opposing kickoff starting point
  7. Punting
  8. Net punting
  9. Inside the 20 punts
  10. Opponent punting
  11. Opponent net punting
  12. Field goals
  13. Field goal percentage
  14. Opponent field goal percentage
  15. Points scored
  16. Points allowed
  17. Blocked kicks
  18. Opponent blocked kicks
  19. Takeaways
  20. Giveaways
  21. Penalties

In my view, several of the above metrics should not be included:

â?¢ Punting: This is based on punting average. Booting the ball as far as you can is not the name of the game in the NFL. When you out-kick your coverage, you are susceptible to long returns. A healthy mix of hang time and distance is ideal. Additionally, …

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