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Is a Super Bowl in Philadelphia a Possibility?

January 31st, 2014 at 11:05 PM
By Scott Erik Anderson

It's Super Bowl Weekend and for the first time ever, the championship game will be played in a cold climate outdoor stadium as the Denver Broncos go head-to-head with the Seattle Seahawks in East Rutherford, New Jersey at MetLife Stadium. With that in mind, Philadelphia Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie is thinking about and preparing for a potential bid for Lincoln Financial Field to play host to a future Super Bowl.

'Lincoln Financial Field, Philadelphia, PA' photo (c) 2012, Ron Reiring - license:

In early December, no one was sure how much weather would be a factor in the big game. The crippling snow storm that hit the Northeast didn't help keep people calm, whether they were fans, teams or league executives like Roger Goodell. However, Lurie and fans in Philadelphia enjoyed watching the Eagles play in eight inches of snow. 

Currently, Lincoln Financial Field is undergoing a major upgrade. One part of the upgrade is already complete as the stadium now has solar panels throughout the parking lots and wind turbines atop the stadium roof. The remaining planned upgrades include walkways that would connect the upper decks of the stadium together and brand new video screens. Lurie believes that it would be great to bring the championship game to Philadelphia because of everything that the city offers and to showcase the upgraded stadium.

The future of outdoor Super Bowls depends on how the game goes this Sunday. Goodell will most definitely be listening to feedback from all types of sources (fans, players, coaches, etc.). Weather will be a big factor in the decision for future outdoor Super Bowls. After a series of snow storms in recent weeks, the weather has let up enough that the forecasted high temperature is supposed to be around 51 degrees on Sunday with a low of 29. If there were to be a major snow storm, it would likely have sealed the fate of future outdoor championship games. 

If Lurie does pursue the idea and makes an official bid for a Philadelphia Super Bowl, the earliest we will see the game at the Linc would be in 2019. The 2015 Super Bowl will be held in Glendale, Arizona. The following two Super Bowls will be held in San Francisco (2016) and Houston (2017). It hasn't been announced yet, but the three finalists for the 2018 Super Bowl are New Orleans, which has had its fair share of Super Bowls, Indianapolis and Minneapolis. 

Now here is the big question: would you welcome a Super Bowl to Philadelphia?… If the Eagles weren't one of the teams in it?

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