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Show Me the Money: DeSean Jackson Wants Contract Re-negotiated, Backtracks Hours Later

January 7th, 2014 at 9:58 PM
By Scott Erik Anderson

The Philadelphia Eagles season is officially over after losing tot he New Orleans Saints 26-24 on Saturday. For some Eagles players, this was the best season of their career. Wide receiver DeSean Jackson is included in that group… and he wants more money because of that.

'DeSean Jackson - 2011' photo (c) 2011, Matthew Straubmuller - license:

Two years ago, Jackson signed a new deal with the Eagles for a five-year extension worth $48.25 million. The deal included bonuses and a $10 million signing bonus. He is currently 22 months and $17.75 million into the deal with $30.5 million still owed to him over the next three years.

Drew Rosenhaus… yes, the Drew Rosenhaus that we all fondly remember being Terrell Owens' agent ("next question")… negotiated the contract for Jackson before he was dumped for Jackson's current agent, Joel Segal.

This season, Jackson had career-highs in five categories: yards, targets, catches, touchdowns and first-down receptions. He had 82 catches for 1,332 after being targeted 126 times. Of his 82 receptions, 60 of them were for first downs. 

Based on his performance this season, Jackson said Monday that he is "deserving" of a new deal since he thinks he outperformed his contract. See what he had to say to members of the media at the locker clean out on Monday:

Within hours of making the comments, Jackson pulled a complete 180 Monday night when he posted this on his Instagram account:

"To clarify any info that yall people got twisted up !! I didn't ask for a new contract. I'm blessed to be at the level where I feel my stats did the talking. Injury free year & healthy. Wish the season would have ended different with a ring. But I'm hopeful that will happen soon. Don't listen to mixed words I didn't say. Tired of dumb info being twisted to what I didn't say, word up!!

The question was brought to me. I didn't bring it up!! Know ya info before speaking str8 lik dat"

If you watch the video of Jackson talking to members of the media during locker clean out on Monday, you can clearly see that he did say that he is deserving of a new contract. But does he deserve a new one… again? 


The first time Jackson wanted a new contract was when he felt like he outperformed that one. The contract talks affected his performance until he actually got the contract. Just because you set career highs one season doesn't mean you are deserving of a new contract. If Jackson wants more money, he should come back next season and give the Eagles the same performance as this season or even better. 

Jackson's 1,332 receiving yards are second-most in single season records. He was 77 yards short of the record that Mike Quick set in 1983. Jackson's 82 receptions are also the fourth best in Eagles history. 
Currently, Jackson has 6,117 yards and 32 touchdowns on 356 receptions. That puts him at fourth, eighth and seventh respectively in Eagels history after in the six years since the Eagles drafted him.

While his position within the franchise record books is impressive, Jackson still has three years left on his contract. The Eagles most likely won't negotiate a new deal until he is in the fourth year of his contact at the earliest. 

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