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Nick Foles Officially Ruled Out for Sunday’s Game, Michael Vick Preparing for Start

October 25th, 2013 at 11:06 PM
By Scott Erik Anderson

The Philadelphia Eagles were trying to figure out who their starting quarterback will be when they face the New York Giants for the second time on Sunday. After a week of practices, the Eagles may finally have an answer to their question.

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Throughout the week, many were thinking that rookie Matt Barkley would have to be the starting quarterback on Sunday due to Nick Foles and Michael Vick being injured. The Eagles even signed G.J. Kinne to the practice squad as an insurance plan in case they had to activate him as the backup for Sunday's game in the event Foles and Vick weren't cleared to play.

Foles has been officially ruled out of Sunday's game against the Giants due to ongoing concussion symptoms. It is still early in his recovery, so it is likely Foles will be out for at least another week. If he is cleared to play after next week, it would be even better if the Eagles sit him for another week just as a precaution. With concussions happening so often now in any sport, it is always better to take more time than needed to recover. The last thing anyone wants to see is a player rush back after sustaining a concussion, or any injury, only to get hurt again.

Foles sustained the concussion late in the third quarter of last Sunday's game against the Dallas Cowboys. Barkley came in to finish the game and ended up throwing three interceptions in his NFL debut. 

Vick has been rehabbing a pulled hamstring which he sustained three weeks ago when the Eagles first played the Giants. The injury had sidelined him for the teams games against the Tampa bay Buccaneers and Dallas Cowboys. This week, Vick has been preparing as if he will be starting on Sunday. However, Vick may not be completely healthy by kickoff Sunday. 

Friday's practice was Vick's test day for his hamstring. He has been doing everything he would normally do in practice over the past week or so. However, he hasn't been running full speed at practice yet. He would try to do just that at Friday's practice.  His full speed test would be a 100-yard dash.

As of Friday afternoon, Vick was listed as the "probable," which likely means that he will get the start on Sunday. If Vick does get the start on Sunday, Barkley will be the backup quarterback. If tight end James Casey is active for Sunday's game, he will be the teams emergency quarterback as he has been for the past two games. Casey played quarterback in high school.

Right now, everyone will just have to wait until Chip Kelly makes his decision on who starts.

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