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Philadelphia Eagles Offense is Just Part of the Problem, Have to Finish Drives

September 30th, 2013 at 11:06 PM
By Scott Erik Anderson

In Week One, everyone saw the Philadelphia Eagles offense go full-speed for the first time this season and it raised the expectations of fans. However, the past three games have gone in the opposite direction from what was expected.

'Eagles vs Redskins 10/16/11' photo (c) 2011, Matthew Straubmuller - license:

What was supposed to be an "up-tempo" offense seems more of an average speed offense. Looking at of the Eagles' four games, they ran 77 plays against the Washington Redskins, 58 against the San Diego Chargers, 63 against the Kansas City Chiefs and 69 against the Denver Broncos. The Redskins ran 70 plays against the Eagles, the Chargers ran 79 plays, the Chiefs ran 77 and the Broncos ran 71. The Eagles have averaged 66.75 plays a game while opposing teams have averaged 74.25 plays against the Eagles. As you can see, other teams run more plays than the Eagles and that shows that there really isn't anything "up-tempo" about the Eagles offense.

The problem isn't the tempo though. it is the fact that the Eagles can't finish their drives. The Eagles have had at least 430 yards in each of their games with the season best 511 yards coming against the Chargers. Putting up that many yards, you would expect more than one win right now. 

In 49 drives through four games, the Eagles have only scored 11 touchdowns and seven field goals. However, they have had to punt 18 times and they have also fumbled four times. While the fumbles are minimal, the fact that they have had to punt 18 times in an offense that is supposed to wear out opposing defenses due to its speed is not a good sign.

It also doesn't help that they have 29 penalties through four games. Combine all of this together and you have at least part of the answer as to why the Eagles can't score. Add in the fact that the Eagles only have one threat at wide receiver in DeSean Jackson.

The Eagles are currently 1-3 this season and are about to go up against the 0-4 New York Giants next week. In two weeks, they will be going up against the currently 0-4 Tampa Bay Buccaneers. If the Eagles don't turn it around and finish their drives in the upcoming games, then there is a good chance the Eagles won't make the postseason this year. However, with the current NFC East standings and the Eagles currently being one game out of the division, anything is possible.

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