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Bringing Back the Past: Michael Vick Wants to Run the Ball More This Season

August 24th, 2013 at 7:28 PM
By Scott Erik Anderson

During his time with the Atlanta Falcons, quarterback Michael Vick was known for taking off on the run often. Vick recently made it known that he wants go on the run more for the Philadelphia Eagles this season.

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When Vick signed on with the Eagles, former head coach Andy Reid tried to convert him into a pocket passer. In the 37 games since he became the starting quarterback, he missed 12 games due to injuries. He sustained two rib injuries and two concussions.

In Atlanta, Vick was a mobile quarterback like the one current Eagles head coach Chip Kelly needs for his offensive system. In 529 rushing attempts with the Falcons, Vick ran for 3,859 yards. He had 21 touchdowns and 218 first downs. Vick's best seasons was in 2006 when he ran for 1,039 yards, two touchdowns and 55 first downs on 123 rushing attempts. The 2006 season was also the only season of Vick's career where he played all 16 games.

Vick wants to run more, but is that a smart thing to do considering his injuries? Vick said he approached this season differently by adding weight and muscle. Now weighing in at roughly 220 pounds, Vick also worked on improving the strength in his legs during the offseason as he prepared for Kelly's offense and the possibility of running the ball more. Vick knew he was ready to run more after he beat running back LeSean McCoy in a 40-yard dash.

Chip Kelly's offensive is going to grant Vick his wish of wanting to run the ball more. Vick has always been a mobile quarterback and he didn't look all that comfortable trying to stay in the pocket. With the added weight and muscle, Vick should be able to handle getting hit more often, especially since he isn't a "sliding" quarterback

The first sign of an injury for Vick could be disastrous for him and any possible contract extension with the Eagles. He is signed only to a one-year deal and the Eagles have stated they don't plan on getting rid of Nick Foles. If Vick gets hurt, it could possibly be the last time Vick is seen in an Eagles uniform.


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