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Philadelphia Eagles Left Tackle Jason Peters Wins Lawsuit

July 17th, 2013 at 6:53 PM
By Scott Erik Anderson

As reported by The Associated Press, Philadelphia Eagles left tackle Jason Peters won a lawsuit and will be awarded roughly two million dollars.

Peters sued Roll-A-Bout when his rolling walker broke below its handlebar in March 2012. He was using the rolling walker to aid him in moving around after surgery on his torn Achilles tendon. When the handlebar broke, Peters fell and re-injured his Achilles just three weeks after surgery. 'Philadelphia Eagles Swoop' photo (c) 2009, Kevin Burkett - license:

The Eagles left tackle had to undergo a second surgery to repair the torn Achilles and resulted in Peters missing the entire 2012 season.

Peters lawyer, Michael Trunk, said the product was supposed to hold the weight of patients up to 500 pounds. Jason Peters weighed in at 340 pounds. Trunk also said Peters is happy to focus on football now that the lawsuit is out of the way.

With training camp starting next week, the offensive line is going to be one of the focal points as Peters is making his way back from the injury and a rookie, Lane Johnson, remains unsigned going into camp. After the beating Michael Vick took last season, the offensive line needs to stay healthy and perform better. With a player returning from an Achilles injury to the most important position on the offensive line and a rookie starting opposite of him, it is going to be interesting to see what happens during camp.


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