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Philadelphia Eagles’ Draft Possibilities for Quarterback (Part Three)

April 24th, 2013 at 9:24 PM
By Scott Erik Anderson

**This is the fourth post of a series of articles regarding the Eagles' 2013 NFL Draft possibilities.**

The previous two articles in this series discussed the possible choices of Geno Smith, E.J. Manuel and Ryan Nassib at quarterback for the Eagles in the first two rounds of the upcoming NFL Draft. These three players aren't the only choices Chip Kelly and the Eagles have. This is where Zac Dysert out of Miami (OH) comes into the picture.

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Like Nassib, Dysert is a project for Kelly. As nice as it would be to draft a quarterback that is ready to start day one, a project quarterback may be a good idea because Kelly would be able to groom the quarterback over a year or two exactly the way he wants to. If Kelly can have a year to groom Dysert, then he should be ready to take over the reigns on offense and send Vick out of town. 

There is a reason why NFL teams have taken an interest in Dysert and that is the fact that he is being compared to Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. Both played at Miami (OH), but Dysert broke three of Roethlisberger's records over his four years. He broke his passing attempts, completions and yardage records.

Dysert is a quarterback who has the much needed experience both under center and in the shotgun. His NFL Draft Profile describes him as a mobile quarterback because he can move around in the pocket, make passes on the run and pick up first downs on his own. He also seems to have the brains to avoid getting hit when on the run by running out of bounds. We have seen Vick try to run up the middle of the field only to get crushed by a defender and gets injured or shaken up on the play. Even while on the run, Dysert keeps his eyes on his receivers in an attempt to get the deep play if they get open. 

Projected to anywhere in the fourth or fifth round, Dysert could be a good pickup late in draft should the Eagles choose not to go with a quarterback early. With reports of the Eagles trying to trade the fourth overall pick, there is no telling they will do at this point. The only thing that should be known is if the Eagles take Dysert, they will have an accurate arm and a smart-minded quarterback. At this point, there is only room for Dysert to grow and Chip Kelly would be an ideal coach to guide him.

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