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Vick’s Concussion Lingering; Unable to Pass ImPACT Concussion Test

November 29th, 2012 at 6:24 PM
By Robert Blechen

Almost three weeks ago on Sunday Night Football Michael Vick was knocked to the ground twice by the Dallas Cowboys, hitting his head each time.  The Philadelphia Eagles embattled quarterback is still struggling with the concussion he sustained that night.  Vick failed his imPACT concussion test today and will not be cleared to practice just yet.   The test measures a player's current neurological state to one that was taken in the offseason.  The fact that Vick is not ready to play yet is alarming.  The two hits that caused the concussion could be considered minor.  The fact that such minor hits caused Vick to suffer such a serious concussion raises questions about his future playing football.  His playing style causes him to take more hits than the average quarterback, but if minor hits are causing head injuries for him then there is no way he will last.  Obviously Vick will not sustain a concussion every time he takes a "minor" blow to the head, but due to the frequency of the hits he takes there is serious concern.  

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Typically after a concussion a player will miss either one game or no games.  Vick is going to miss at least three games, maybe more.  Sure, the situation in Philly does not warrant the coaching staff rushing a player back onto the field.  However, the concussion protocol is so universal and regulated now, that the test is the test.  Vick at times does look punch drunk.  He routinely holds his head even after he takes hits to his ribs or other parts of his body.  The confused look in his eyes after he walked off the field against the Cowboys has to be troublesome to the Eagles coaching staff and Vick's family.  The guy did not look coherent at all.  While Michael Vick wants to keep playing football, at some point he does need to consider his long term health.  The six foot one quarterback has absorbed punishment his whole career, but can he continue to do so well into his thirties?  

The Eagles should do the right thing and keep Vick on the bench the rest of the season for his own well being.  If he were to suffer another concussion this season (highly possible due to the pathetic offensive line) the effects could be devastating. 

Meanwhile rookie quarterback Nick Foles continues to prepare for the Sunday night showdown versus the Dallas Cowboys.

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