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Philadelphia Eagles on the Verge of Implosion

October 30th, 2012 at 3:36 PM
By Robert Blechen

The Philadelphia Eagles have gotten off to a 3-4 start this season.  For many teams this would be an average start, still plenty of time time to turn it around.  For a team like the Eagles who considered themselves to be on the verge of a dynasty, the start is disastrous.  Owner Jeff Lurie alerted Andy Reid that he was on the hot seat prior to the first game.  Coach Reid has already made a change at defensive coordinator and is on the verge of making a switch at quarterback.  Vick has been a turnover machine this season and the offense has struggled to put points on the board.  Rookie quarterback Nick Foles had the best preseason of any quarterback in the NFL this season.  This begs the question, does Andy Reid need to sit Vick and play Foles?

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While many fans and media members think the time is now to bench Vick, Andy Reid appears to be sticking with Vick for at least one more week.  Besides the terrible passing numbers, lack of points, and numerous turnovers, Reid cannot turn the page on Vick.  With Coach Reid's job being on the line this season, he has to win now.  Foles may be a starting quarterback in the league one day, but it seems highly unlikely that he could step in and right this ship in his rookie season.  The offensive line has been a sieve, Foles would be a sitting duck behind them.  Reid cannot look to the future and start playing younger players, because if he does that he will not be a part of the future.  The position Reid finds himself in is awkward.  It may be right to turn the page on the Michael Vick experiment, but by doing so Reid will basically be turning the page on himself.  

At some point if the team continues to lose, Reid will have to be honest with himself and his players about their chances of winning this year.  But until the team is mathematically eliminated expect Reid to go down swinging with his veterans.  Vick's athletic ability can buy him time on and off the field, but his days do appear to be numbered.

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