Thursday, August 17, 2017

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Sports Media 101 has rapidly grown since its inception in 2004. We have a loyal following of avid fans and continue to expand our niche market reach every day. We offer a variety of partnership opportunities for companies like yours, providing you with the ability to reach and engage with our audience on a daily basis in a fresh and unique way. Become part of the SM101 family today!


50% of our users interact with sponsored ads! This statistic reinforces that our model works and the strong sense of inclusiveness our fans have with their favorite team and, in turn, a partner who is so closely aligned with the team they love. 

Unlike larger sports media companies, we offer greater flexibility to explore various ways to maximize engagement and at a more cost efficient level. The constant exposure allows us to customize our plan regularly in order to achieve your goals based on the deep analytics and performance metrics that are continuously monitored and reviewed.

How Do We Do It?

We dig deep into our wealth of analytics to engage our partners with their existing customers, as well as with targeted prospects based on their preferences and demographics. The model is fluid and we work together to customize the most effective approach to maximize the desired reach. Partnering with Sports Media 101 is different than any traditional media buy!

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