Ping pong is also referred to as table tennis and is a popular game around all corners of the globe. This game is not only entertaining but it is also an excellent way to exercise both your body and mind. Moreover, playing this game has even been confirmed to prolong your life. With the numerous benefits, you probably are thinking about how one goes about learning how to play ping pong. Therefore, here are the simple steps you need to take in order to learn how to play table tennis.

Understand the significance of a proper grip

Whereas learning the rules of ping pong is essential, you also need to understand how to hold a proper grip. A proper grip is a vital part of this game, and without it, all your performances on the ping pong table will be terrible. There are numerous types of grips that you can practice, but the easiest one is the pen hold grip. This grip involves holding the bat between your index finger and thumb comparable to how you most likely hold a pencil. At first, this grip might feel somewhat awkward but is an ideal technique to master the skill of spin. Furthermore, this grip will assist you in achieving improved control over the ball and building your hand strength.

Train with someone who understands ping pong rules 

Practicing with someone who already knows how to play this game is the best way of learning the rules of this sport. Get this individual to serve you the ball correctly so that you get to familiarize yourself with how to hit the ball. You also need to learn how to control the ball as well as different positions. The more angles your helper shows you, and the more you practice, the better you perfect your ping pong playing skills.

Learn how the scoring of this game works 

Understanding how scoring works is crucial if you are going to become a skilled ping pong player. Each match comprises five games, and the individual who wins three out of the five games is the winner. Additionally, the games, in some cases, ends with the winner winning five out of nine games or four out of seven games.

The first player to reach 11 points and has two or more points than the other player wins the game, with the points scored each time the ball is in play. Moreover, you should take note that the table’s sides are not considered to be legal playing area.

Try different types of serves 

In ping pong, there are different types of servers, and there is no set rule stating a specific style is better than another. You also need to vary your serves as this will make you less predictable, thereby leaving your opponent guessing regarding your next move. Some of the serves you should try out when playing are short serves, long serves, pure spin serves, to mention a few. Once you grasp these different types of serves, you will be able to use them interchangeably, thereby making it very difficult for your opponent to anticipate your next move. Consequently, this increases your chances of winning a ping pong match.